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Personalized Care Since 1982

I'm sure we all know at least one person who needs an extra boost and some care and attention to make it through life's long journey. Let's face it. We live in a harsh, fast-paced world which sometimes gets the better of us. And with everything that goes on today, it's no wonder why people suffer from stress and anxiety.

Key Point Health Services, Inc., with locations throughout Baltimore, Cecil, and Harford Counties may be the answer some of us have been seeking to find the guidance and support we need. At Key Point, you'll find quality mental health care, which is the key to opening the door to a new life. With a caring, confident and licensed staff, you'll be sure to receive the utmost care and attention you really deserve.

About Our Logo

At Key Point we have chosen the Baltimore Clipper ship as our company symbol, which reflects the rich history of our maritime area (Francis Scott Key, Sparrows Point) and represents pride and commitment of the people we serve.

The mission of Key Point Health Services is to provide quality behavioral health services in an environment committed to the journey of wellness and recovery.

Our Mission

The vision of Key Point Health Services is to generate a culture of mental and behavioral well being that welcomes and supports all members of our community.

Our Vision

Our main office building in Aberdeen, MD

Insurances Accepted

Key Point Health is a private not for profit corporation dedicated to serving public mental/behavioral health and our Service Members. Key Point accepts Medicaid, Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Tricare. For those needing behavioral health services who have private insurance such as Aetna, United, Cigna and others you are encouraged to contact your insurance company and ask for a list of providers.

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

- World Health Organization, 1948

The Resources To Help Today

With a staff of 250 employees and a budget of over 11 million dollars, Key Point offers the best care one could possibly ever want. There are social workers, doctors, clinical therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists right on the spot. In the specialized Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs for persons with serious and persistent mental illness social skills are taught and developed throughout various workshops. In the program, computer training, counseling, academics, domestic, janitorial, ceramic, clerical and physical education classes are offered. All these classes aid in the transition of people from the hospital back to the community. Below is from an interview from "Brain Matters", which focuses on the effects on the brain from aging, and features Dr Storch from Key Point Health Services.

Core Service Agency Contacts for Services

Baltimore City
Baltimore Mental Health Systems
Baltimore County
Bureau of Mental Health
Cecil County
Cecil County Core Service Agency
Harford County
Harford County Core Service Agency

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Key Point Health Board of Directors

Willie R. Horne III

Maria LoBianco, RN, BSN, MS, CCM
Vice President

Andrew Mercer, MBA, CPA

Carla Janson, M.D.

John Burton, Sgt MD State Police (retired)
Board Member

Michael G. Comeau, Esquire
Board Member

Gordie Burke
Board Member

Bill Bolton
Corporate Attorney

Russell Weber
Chief Executive Officer

Christine Zeman
Recording Secretary

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Professionals and Colleagues,
Mental health affects all communities. The need to break through the stigma of mental health and to support ALL of our community members is of extreme importance to our organization. The increased toll that the past three months and recent events, has not only presented us with the unique opportunity to show support and solidarity to the minority groups in our community, but to share the importance of standing together during difficult times. The stigma of mental health resonates with individuals around this country, as 44 million adults have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. Of those 44 million, 13.4% identify as Black/African American and of those, 16% have stated having a mental health illness over the past year. LGBTQ+ individuals are three times more likely to experience a mental health disorder and among transgender adults, the lifetime occurrence of suicide attempts is 40%. As we know and understand well, mental health does not discriminate. Millions of Americans are living with a diagnosis that at times, can be crippling. The stigma of receiving mental health care in our society is still very prevalent especially amongst our minority populations. Serving each special population with a united front, inviting compassion, genuineness, kindness and respect to those we serve speaks volumes during a time when our country is hurting. It is our desire and our vision to continue to “generate a culture of mental and behavior wellbeing that welcomes and supports ALL members of our community”. As we move together to support our special population groups, let’s continue to do so by “providing quality behavior health services in an environment committed to the journey of wellness and recovery.”
Russell Weber
Chief Executive Officer